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New Year’s Eve Nails: All that glitters is gold (and silver!)

New Year's Even Nails with Essie Hors D'Oeuvres

Polishes used: Essie Hors D’Oeuvres, OPI Servin’ Up Sparkle, Zoya Ziv

Holy moly glitter goodness! I’m really loving the Essie Winter Collection. I mean, c’mon! Look at this base! It’s three coats of Hors D’Oeuvres (I felt any less just wasn’t opaque enough for my taste). Then I added a coat of OPI Servin’ up Sparkle. Was that necessary? No, not really. But certain lights catch the holographic glitter, adding a little extra sparkle to the mani. Finally I swiped the tip of the nail with Zoya Ziv, to bring out some of the gold in Hors D’Oeuvres.

New Year's Even Nails with Essie Hors D'Oeuvres

More glittery close ups because I couldn’t resist! DROOL.

New Year's Eve Nail GlittersNew Year's Eve Nail Glitters

Happy New Year everyone! To more awesome nail art in 2014!

The 12 Manis of Christmas: #12 — Pastel Penguins

Zoya Wednesday Pastel Penguins

Polishes used: OPI You’re Such a Budapest, Zoya Wednesday, Zoya Blu, OPI Thanks A WindMillion, a white nail art pen, random Sally Hansen orange polish and China Glaze Liquid Leather

This mani got my 18-month-old cousin’s nod of approval — what else could you ask for?! She carefully studied each finger and would say — “Nails!” — before moving on the next.

I used a dotting tool for the feet, beaks and eyes. They didn’t come out as clean as I had wanted but oh well, I still think they’re cute!

The 12 Manis of Christmas: #11 — Glitter Gradient

China Glaze Party Hearty Glitter Gradient

Polishes used: Essie Marshmallow and China Glaze Party Hearty

This glitter was a total lemming for me after AJ wore it around the holidays last year. I was able to score it on eBay this year for a little less than $8 — woot woot! It really is THE perfect Christmas glitter. I haven’t been able to find a suitable dupe!

Here I did three thin coats of Essie Marshmallow as the base coat. Then I dabbed on Party Hearty at the base of my nail and dragged it out to the tip to the desired consistency. Merry Christmas!

China Glaze Party Hearty Glitter Gradient

12 Manis of Christmas: #10 — Happy Holodays!

Color Club Blue Heaven

Polishes Used: Color Club Blue Heaven, China Glaze Liquid Leather, a white nail art pen and a random Sally Hansen orange polish

Photos just don’t do this Color Club holo justice! I used a white nail art pen to paint the snowmen and add the dots. Then I used a dotting tool for the orange noses and black buttons (my smallest tool just wasn’t small enough, which is why some buttons are bigger than others — oh well, I still think they’re cute!).

Color Club Blue Heaven

The 12 Manis of Christmas: #9 — The BEST Xmas polish EVER

Yes, it’s a bold claim to make, but I stand by it. I have waited all year to use this polish (clearly I can only use it once a year because WHAT IF I RUN OUT?!).

This beautiful, special gem of a color is China Glaze’s Party Hardy from their 2010 holiday collection, and it is pretty damn amazing. I really wish I could have had decent length nails on which to showcase this, but all of my nails up and broke so tiny glitter nubbins it is.

Let me explain this polish to you. The key to its amazingness lies in the proportions. Sooo many red/green glitter combos end up muddy because all of the glitter is the same size, or is too small. Party Hardy has a mix of large red glitter, medium green glitter, and small silver glitter, so it really appears vibrant and varied on the nail; like a Christmas tree or those cookies with the green sugar and multicolored sprinkles. Delicious.

I have seen it over red, black, white, etc, but I think it really shines with a green base, since green seems to dominate the mix. I used one careful coat of Zoya Ray, and then globby globbed on two big ass coats of PH. It did require some thinning, because, hey, old glitter polish. What are ya gonna do.

The result is worth any time, effort, or pain. It really is a polish with no equal.